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11 Rules Gentlemen Live By-Benjamin Zulu

1. You don’t shake hands while sitting down. Aways stand up and give a firm, but gentle handshake.
2. When listening always nod and keep eye contact. Even if you don’t agree with the speaker, nodding gives recognition to their voice and their presence. Listening is more persuasive than speaking.
3. Never eat the last piece of something you didn’t buy. And never order expensive meals when someone else is paying. Let the host order first and then either match them or play slightly below them. If you host a lady for a date, order generously to give her the permission to eat as well.
4. When walking with a lady or a child stay on the side of the street to protect them from oncoming traffic.
5. If you’re not invited do not ask to go.
6. Never go broke to impress anyone or to flow with a group.
7. Never beg to be in a relationship. Always take ambivalence as a ‘no.’ Mixed signals are many women’s polite way of turning a man down. There is honor in accepting a rejection without losing your cool. Never talk foul on your way out. Keep your self respect intact.
8. Your word is your honor. If you break it, it will break you. Avoid pledging money. Pay with what you have to enhance rational decision making. When you pay immediately you feel the pinch immediately and therefore plan better, as opposed to overcommitting in pledges.
9. Always dress well no matter the occasion. The most noticeable thing is never the class or the fabric of your cloths, but their condition. Always put on clean and straightened cloths.
10. Sex outside marriage is not an adventure or a pleasurable pastime. And laying a woman is not a conquest. Rather, it’s the most disastrous trap that has destroyed more champions than crime and drugs. If you practise self control and delayed gratification in this area your life will be long and peaceful.
11. Lastly, porn is a stronghold. It corrupts your mind such that you cannot see the world with pure eyes again. Sanitise your social media feed and remove any sexually charged content. Protect your spirit at all costs.

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