15-year-old Girl Who Scored 301 Marks Yet to Join Secondary, Calls For Help

Ruth Njeri a 15-year-old who sat her KCPE and scored 301 last year is looking for well-wishers to help her pay her form one school fees.

She was called to join Kamagut Girls but due to lack of fees, she was still at home washing clothes to make ends meet.

However, Ruth, who scored 301 marks, embarked on a journey to raise her school fees through manual jobs where she would wash clothes and utensils for as much as Sh50.

Ruth who lives with her single mother Beatrice Wanjiru at a semi-permanent house in Maili Nne on the outskirts of Eldoret town, is unable to raise enough money, so far she has only secured Sh 1,000, Sh 500 was raised by her church –Joy of Jesus Christ church a new church that has only 20 members and where she doubles up as a Praise and worship member.

“I had high hopes of joining secondary school. Many of those who sat KCPE are almost through their First term, I haven’t lost hope though, however many people are unwilling to give me work. They tell me I am underage, but I need the money to get me to school. She pauses amid tears.

Despite the current challenges Njeri is unbowed, she has a strong will to realize her dreams in Life and support her 52-year-old mother and her other three siblings who are currently living in a ‘mabati’ house given to her mother by a generous land owner in order to look after the land.

“Every time I see Gospel Artist Mercy Masika sing, my hopes are renewed I look up to her, Lost in wild deep thoughts; she says – I will make a difference in life someday, I believe God will send me an angel to support my education journey, I am ready to even join a day school if supported, “Jeri opines.
With each passing day, Her Mother Wanjiru is afraid the evil eye could prey on her daughter, destroying her dreams.

Ruth Njeri at her home-Maili nne, Eldoret

“She is a girl, and I have reasons to be afraid, we have heard of teen pregnancies, and every day I talk to her, encourage her that it shall be well and that we will someday get to school but my hopes are deeming with each day passing, we are not getting enough money from manual chores, I plead with any well-wisher to support my daughter, “She says.

Wanjiru has knocked on every door possible, begging for bursary support, but no help has come through, However, she strongly feels someone who will get to know her story, will help her daughter just get to school and realize her dream.

For any support: Beatrice Wanjiru can be reached at 0746299018 .

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