In the past two weeks I was having a little trouble in my business.

Not a very big one.

I just felt that a part of my business was not done appropriately.

How did I go about this?

I went straight to Google and searched something like;

“How Apple do … (put what I wanted to do)”

I started reading.

Wow! I found very detailed information about how Apple Company did what I wanted to do.

What next?


I “stole” their way of doing it and implemented it in my business.

That is what I call “stealing from the rich”

And it’s a legitimate “stealing”.

One of the most strategic things you can do as an entrepreneur is to pay attention to what the “big boys” are doing.

Pay attention to what Coca Cola is doing.

Watch and ask questions about Safaricom‘s marketing.

Study Facebook, Google, Apple and every other smart companies.

That’s probably the best “business school” you can ever attend.

When you see the strategies of these giants, steal them and use them for your small business.

When I say “steal”, you know it’s not stealing, don’t you?

I know you know.

I love you and I wish to see you successful in entrepreneurship..

Justine Nyachieo
Business Man & Mentor

Timothy Angwenyi
Business Consultant

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