Nairobi Woman denies husband of 7 years conjugal rights for 3 months claims he made money and invested secretly

A Nairobi man Peter Kimani has moved to court to sue his wife of seven years over denial of conjugal right for 3 months. On her defense the wife Ann wangui accused kimani of making money online and investing secretly without her knowledge. We meet with Kimani so that he can narrate to us what exactly happened.

“In 2018 i sold our family car so as to raise capital to start a car wash business but it failed terribly living me broke and desperate.That when my friend introduce me to a online job called Zumo News,”he narrates.

Zumo News is a News website that pays its members to read news,comment,share on facebook/whatsapp and affiliate commission when you invite people to join the program.They pay kes 300 for every person you refer to join hence when you refer 10 people in a day that alone will earn you kes 3000 clean money.

“After seeing how my friend was making money from Zumo News i decided to give it a try.To join all you need is a smartphone,internet and Mpesa line for receiving payment.I received my first payment of kes 18,000 after one week of working at Zumo News.The second payment of 22,000 came after three weeks of joining.I was very excited about since i never thought it could earned me that much,”he adds.

“The good thing with this online job is that it can be done anytime and anywhere.However success is not guaranteed unless you are willing to work hard and smart. Within six months of working with Zumo News i had already surpassed kes 350,000 in monthly income with much of the revenue coming from affiliate commission after inviting people to join Zumo News ,”he says.

Zumo News generates revenue through advertising and in return share it with its members on 50-50 basis hence the more traffic they have is the more money they make.It is the most sure way of making money online especially this time of corona virus where people are urged to stay at home and observe social distance.If you can dedicate 3 hours a day into this job then you will be guaranteed more than kes 50,000 a month.

“I saved the money i made from Zumo News and approached a bank to give me some loan against my saving to start a VIP car hire business.I started with two cars and now i have 12 cars in total.In a good month i can take home kes 3 Million.This online job is real and legit.I am still working on Zumo News during my part-time.Currently am saving to buy my dream house,”he adds.

The good thing with making money online is that its flexible and can be done anywhere and by anybody as long as you have the skill.Online jobs like Zumo News are making people good money and has become source of livelihood for many households.

“I have been doing this investments without the knowledge of my wife of whom i provide to her with whatever she wanted. When i first told her about Zumo News she said it was a scam and hence i decided to keep quiet and invest secretly. I am in Zumo News to stay and am not quitting anytime soon,” he adds.

Who between Kimani and wife is on the wrong?.. Tells us on the comment section.

If you wish to make some meaningful income online ,then Register on Zumo News and get started and thank us later.

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