Deputy president William Samoei Ruto has spoken after President Uhuru Kenyatta accuseed him of sabotaging his government.

Through his official Facebook page he wrote “SORRY my Boss.I FEEL your pain.Those you ASSIGNED my RESPONSIBILITIES & ‘project’ mzee have let you DOWN miserably.They bungled our BIG4,killed our party & wasted your 2ND term.Wao ni bure kabisa.Boss,am AVAILABLE.Just a PHONE call away.Sadly last CABINET was 2yrs ago.
Yule No.2,”
This comes after president Uhuru Kenyatta during the  labour day celebrations accussed Ruto for always attacking his ggovernment yet he is part of it.
He also urged DP Ruto to resign if he is not willing to work with him.
His post recieved mixed reactions here are some of their comments.
Seroy Japheth says “W SR you are a big let down to jubilee government, stop this nuisance and help your boss or honorably quit. The failure of jubilee squarely lies on you and Uhuru, Kenyan have eyes and ears,  you have been a great sadist ridding on ignorance of your sycophants, for a record the government in 9 years gifted a wave increase to the lower cadder in your absensure this shows you were the great obstacle in this government. PRETENCE IS WORSE THAN ,”
Michael Olinga says “When you’re dragged in mud and you join in excitedly. But si this politics cheers us, hurts us, heats our emotions but never makes anything better unless it’s personal effort,”
Patooh Says “This is not Ruto’s mind, neither his handwriting.
Ruto cannot play this low.
Dennis Itumbi must be acting unauthorised,”

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