Uasin Gishu Journalist Message to Media Houses as they Mark World Press Freedom Day

Media houses have been urged to come up with policies so that they ease access to mental health.

According to  Uasin Gishu Uasin Gishu Journalist Association chairman James Gitaka, most journalists have undergone depression.

The journalist from different media houses staged demonstrations from Zion Mall to Eldoret Central police station to mark the day.

“I want to urge media houses across the country to come up with policies and implement them to ensure that their easy access to mental care and its also time for the Media Council to help members of the press access the same since most of them are stressed leading to depression,” said Gitaka while speaking to the press.

Gitaka urged journalists to maintain their code of ethics while reporting to ensure that there is safety and a guarantee of our safety.

“Journalist should ensure that their carry themselves according to media ethics to prevent then from giving false information,” he added.

Catholic Diocese of Eldoret Bishop Dominic Kimengich said people have the right to information and those tasked to collecting information should be allowed to do their work without any problem or intimidation.

“In Uasin Gishu the press is doing good work since they have been highlighted all things accurately to an extend that residents trust the media more than leaders. Let strengthen and respect journalist since they are just like us
and should facilitate them to make their work easier to have a well-informed nation,” he added.

He said that what makes a country democratic is the freedom of the press where they are not intimidated or muzzled since information hidden means that there is something wrong.
Uasin Gishu County commander Ayub Gitonga said there have been good relations been the police and journalist in Uasin Gishu and that they have been involved in insecurity reduction.

“The relationship with the media is cordial and that the journalist has conducted themselves in a good manner since they are doing is ethical, fair reporting and that we have no conflicts between the media and police in Uasin Gishu,” Gitonga said.

The journalist further donated foodstuff to Jesus Love Ministries Children’s home.

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