Naivas Call To Kenyan Authors and Publishers

Leading retailer Naivas supermarket is calling out to Kenyan authors and publishers looking for an effective distribution network for their literacy and creative works.
Being a keen supporter of local economies and indigenous small and medium sized firms, naivas is providing local authors and publishers one of the largest consolidated distribution channels available locally.
“Books have the power to transport us to lands we have never set foot on, paint vivid pictures that rival our realities, evoke emotions we previously did not know existed and elicit behavioral change unlike anything else in this world.
As a homegrown Kenyan brand, we take pride in our roots and it is for this reason that we are encouraging our local authors to come forward so that we use the Kenyan stories to preserve our social norms, values systems and beliefs of Kenyans,” remarked naivas Chief Commercial Officer, Willy Kimani.
This project will see to it that we have local content in our library section and not just the books adopted as teaching material for schools.
We want different dialects that form the beautiful fabric that is our society and, in the process, encourage reading, writing and publishing of local content.
The retailer strongly recommends authors in any of the following categories to reach out; Motivational, Fiction, Non-fictional, Literature, Biographies & Memoirs, Education & Reference, Spiritual, Project Management, Business, Economy, History, Atlas, Teen & young adults, Sci-Fi & Fantasy books and local best sellers.
Do not miss out on this opportunity, reach out to  with the title(s)and price list.

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