This is the woman who is getting babies after husband accused her of infertility and abandoned her for another


Mwanaiddi who got into marriage three years ago has been struggling without much
success to find a child.

This natural challenge, according to her, caused her husband to change the way he was
associating with her. He became so cruel.

Dejected Mwanaiddi started feeling abandoned by the man she loved most for reasons
she was not in control of i.e because she had been unable to give birth.

She revealed to me that their initial plan was to have a child in their second year after
marriage and that together they even had started shopping for their unborn child.
She opened up to me that she actually conceived at some point in life but a sudden
miscarriage occurred along the way that led to her losing the child.

“Kuna wakati nilishika ball vizuri tukaenda clinic kupima nikapatikana na mtoto msichana lakini muda
mfupi mimba ikatoka (There is a time I was pregnant but I suddenly experienced a
miscarriage),” she recounted the ordeal.

Adding: “I tried to explain myself to my man but he couldn’t take me serious. SDionce
then, he no-longer have interest in me,” she lamented.

Mwanaiddi has been forced to stay with the problem for now the fourth year with all
hospitals she has visited failing to diagnose or treat her.All the drugs she has tried to use after hospital prescriptions have also not worked for what has made her live a stressful life.

This childless situation has also made her in-laws to hate her; they nolonger treat her
with any dignity. In fact, she mentioned to me that some are already advising her
husband to get another woman.

However, when I had heard this moving story, I encouraged her that many women just like her and who had similar challenges had been helped to come out of it. I gave her the numbers +254740637248 which she called and believe me she (Mwanaiddi) got another man, married in a jam-packed-colorful wedding and as we
speak today, she has another child. Her ex-husband has never believed this story.

Hehas tried to ask for forgiveness in vein. To book an appointment or for more information, call Dr. Mugwenu on +254 740 637 248 or visit

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