“Since taking your monies for KDF job, I have been eating grass,” a conconfessed


I am still to come to terms with the fact that someone duped my family to sell part of our family land to bribe him sh 120,000 so that he could offer me a chance to join the Kenya Defense Force KDF.

My sister was the one who came up with the idea saying the guy was part of the members in their popular WhatsApp group. The guy had announced that he had afew slots left for anyone interested to join the army. He asked for sh 90K for each candidate so that he could quickly process documents as required.

We were 7 guys from my hood and we all came together and did a fundraiser to raise the amount. People turned out in large numbers and luckily, we managed to raise more than a million. The next day, we called the man who had promised us connections in the KDF training and we gave him the money.

He told us to wait for his call the next day so as he could give us the papers. We actually believed him because he even showed us his KDF credentials to prove that he had the power to take us to KDF. However, the next day, we called him and to our shock, his phone was off.
We tried reaching to him several times that day but he wascompletely off. Though anxiety kicked in we decided to give him the benefit of the doubt that probably his phone had not charged. Unfortunately, next day he was still unreachable. “Nambari ya mteja
uliopiga haipatikani kwa sasa”.

We resorted to going to KDF school in Eldoret to look for him two days later. To our unpleasant surprise, we found out that the guy was a con. The officials at the KDF school told us that there was no training or recruitment at the time.

“You people have been conned, just go see the police and report the matter so that you can get back your money,” one of the officials told us.
We were so infuriated that the con man had taken more than a million from us. We reported the matter to the police station. Few days later, nothing was happening. The police station had so many cases to handle that they had not even began investigating
our case.

I went home after the visit to the police station and opened up on what had transpired. Everyone felt sorry. My mother then told me she had a solution for me.
“My dear son, do not worry, we will just take him to Doctor Mugwenu. All your cash ill be returned,” my mother assured.
We called Doctor Mugwenu the next day and he gave us an appointment two hours later. Upon meeting him, he cast spells of plagues such that the con would be so troubled and would have no choice but to return our money.

The next day, the con called me and sure enough he told me he had suffered enough and wanted to return all our money back.
“My life is so unbearable. I also keep eating grass. I will refund every coin. Where can I send it?” he asked in pain. He depoistd all the money he had taken to my bank account, scanned deposits slip and sent.
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