I am Against Jubilee Party’s Move of Changing Party Colurs and Logo-Njunjiri Wambugu



Nyeri town member of parliament Ngunjiri Wambugu  has disagreed  with the Jubilee party’s move of  changing the  party logos or colour.


Through his official Facebook  page Wambugu said the move is uncalled for and ill intended.


This is after the Jubilee party secretary general suggested that the party colours should be changed.


“I do not agree with plans to change jubilee party colors or logo I hear our Jubilee Party SG has suggested we should change our party logo and colors, because some of our members have left.

I do not agree,” said the Nyeri town member of parliamnet.


He says the party is about unity  that wife the two parties came together.


“Our party is about unity – which is what the two clasped hands signify. The colors work for us.

And really – a party logo and colors cannot be changed every time some members leave. (Or join). Our parties must now be bigger than any individuals within. Unless we are saying that we will be changing our party logos and colors every time someone leaves (or joins) the party.

Let’s not fall into the trap of making some people look bigger than they are,” he added.


Ngunjiri is a staunch supporter of president Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration and also the Building Bridges Initiative which is being fronted by the opposition leader Raila Odinga and  Kenyatta.



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