Women who stole money from a client in a local bank came back screaming like mad men. This is what exactly had happened!


I was passing by one of the local banks in Nairobi town when I heard a woman wail saying, “Wameniibia pesa yangu yote, nisaidie haraka(they have stolen all the cash from me kindly help),” I turned back and saw her strip naked.
The crowd was milling around her as she continued with her gymnastics. I sympathized with and decided to wait until she could cool down. After 45 minutes or so, tired she started to struggle with her empty handbag searching for the already gone money with hopes that a miracle could still occur.

I moved near, held her hand and I asked her to recount to me what exactly had transpired. She told me the whole story on how fellow women, two in particular, had waylaid her all the way from the bank after she had withdrew the cash and conned her. She mentioned that they pretended too friendly before they vanished with her bunch of
sh 90,000.“Mmoja alikuwa mja mzito na mwingine alijkuwa amevaa buibui kama Muislamu,” she

I asked her if she had ever heard of any traditional witchdoctor or specifically one by the name of Mugwenu but apparently she had no idea what I was talking about. I told her what I knew of the medicine man. That Mugwenu’s vast experience allows him spin court cases, punishes thieves some eating grass like animals and can cushion
homes from spiritual (majini) and physical attacks (theft). His Contact Mugwenu is +254740637248.

I convinced her that Mugwenu could help her recover all her cash. I realized she had started listening. She wrote down the number and called the herbalist who did some distance healing. She did not trust what was happening until next day when the two con women came back with her money at the bank crying like mad men.

She was called by the bank security to pick her cash as [police picked the women to police cells where they are rotting. It was a drama of the day! She recovered all the sh. 90,000.Tpday she is thanking Mugwenu.
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