Governor Wangamati Pays Visit To Former Driver In Kabula


 Bungoma governor Wycliff Wangamati  visited  Kundu Narosto, 54,  a father of 7 and grandfather to 5.

 He was healthy and energetic much of his youth. For 29 years, Kundu was a driver.

Part of that time, he was a PSV driver in Bungoma stage. He also served as a bus driver for Nabongo TTC before joining West Kenya as a truck driver.

All that changed in 2015 when his left leg was amputated at the knee and shortly thereafter, his right leg due to diabates.

A man who worked hard to feed his family was reduced to a beggar – having sold nearly everything including his small parcel of land to seek treatment.

His children dropped out of school and his wife’s mtumba business collapsed. It has been one long struggle for him.

Today, Governor Wangamati paid Mr Kundu a visit at his Samichi home in Kabula Ward in part to seek to ease his burden. The Governor initiated the renovation of Kundu’s house with a donation of 38 new ironsheets, ridges, and nails.

In addition, the Governor also cleared a year’s school fees for Veronica – Kundu’s daughter in Form 2 and who had been sent home.

To keep the family going, the Governor gave Kundu’s wife Sh20,000 to help revive her mtumba business and to buy household effects.

The Governor also delivered a wheelchair to help ease Kundu’s movement.

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  1. Only 20k!!!!!!!??? Eeeeiiish… employ at least one member of the family aendelee kuprovide for the family.whats 20 k for agovernor…!? Anyway thanks.

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