They stole my electronics before they were found eating grass


I heard children’s voice shout outside, “Kujeni muone wanakula nyasi kama ng’omben ahaa maajabu ya Musa,” and when I rushed out I saw three young men struggling with grass filled in their mouth. They were in my compound.

This is after I had just warned anyone who had stolen my newly acquired electronics to return but none was willing to hear it. I had given them an ultimatum of five days to return but they never heed my advice before a friend advised me to teach them a lesson.

Michael is my friend whom I had shared with what had befallen me at my rural home. I told him how all my newly acquired expensive electronics had been stolen before he told me what to do. He advised me to make sure those who had stolen anything from me are punished. He gave me a hint on how I would go about it. He sent me thisnumber and contacts +254740637248 or visit . I did not take him serous but he insisted that the owner of that number whose name is Mugwenu would help me recover anything I had lost. I told him off and asked him how that would be possible; I had never heard of such things in my life. He then told me, “Watakula
nyasi na utapata kila kitu,” I laughed and switched off my phone.

Next day I talked to him again and he repeated the same story. This time, he even wentfurther and sent me a few video clips showing people eating grass. How a traditional witchdoctor had punished thieves after they had stolen someone’s items. I liked the story and, out of desperation, I called him (Mugwenu) to inquire whether he was in a position to help me. From his explanation, I said to myself, 'let me give him a try.' Mugwenu actually

He gave me an appointment to meet him, gave me some brown particles which Isprinkled in my house and at the door.Before the dust could settle, those who had stolen from me were found eating grass and making
sound like cows; it was a free cinema. They paid for everything before being released byMugwenu himself.
For consultation you can also call: +254 740637248 and your problems shall be solved
the same way mine was sorted out.

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