Going Viral! The shocking moment a thief snatched a handbag from a car in a busy Nairobi highway but he returned it.


A trending video showing how daring thieves have perfected the art of snatching phones and ladies’ handbags has gone viral.

The highway thieves do it very fast fon unsuspecting motorists and passengers on traffic.

These scoundrels usually lurk around spots notorious of huge traffic since they know quite well that their targets would not speed off.

And in the fresh video, two young men can be seen moving stealthily towards their pray (in this case a woman talking on phone) and on the co-passenger seat is her handbag resting.

One of them signals the woman hoodwinking her to the other direction before the accomplice grabs the handbag. They then run to same direction with the bag.

“Once they spot a potential victim, they walk casually towards the car and in a fraction of a second, snatches the handbag or phones and vanishes,” an eye witness divulged to one of the popular news site jihami.com.

The victim woman according to witnesses, tried to shoot at them but she couldnt do a lot as the thugs vanished into thin air.

Things did not end there, next day in the morning and at the same spot, the men were spotted loitering around and carrying the same handbag. They were also shouting loud for the owner of the bag to pick it, “Mwenye bag chukua tunaumia…. tunaona manyoka” they said this as passers-by laughed.

Sources said the woman had used one of the powerful traditional doctor by the name Mugwenu of Mugwenu Traditional Doctors to discipline the two boys. Police later came and picked the boys after the woman immediately had tipped them off.

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