Northrift Muslim Leaders Threaten to Demonstrate If the  Kadhi Position will be Given to a   Woman

Northrift leaders have threatened to demonstrate if the Kadhi position will be given to a woman.
Led by Northrift CIPK Chairman Sheik Abubakar Bini they said the move is uncalled for and ill intended.
“As Muslim leaders from Northrift we are against a woman being given the position of Kadhi, this is against our Muslim traditions and we will not allow itat all costs,” said the Northrift CIPK  Chairman.
He says that the Kadhi position should not be equated to the other court of laws.
Bini   noted that Islam as a religion has placed women in high esteem with clearly defined roles by each gender adding that the function of Kadhi is not a woman’s role.
“We will not allow at all costs for a Kadhi to be a  woman  and we will demonstrate so that our voices can be heard. We will do a mother of all demonstrations  in the Northrift and if it will be a must for us to have a woman chief Kadhi, we will not we will paralyze everything in the said courts,” Bini  added.
He says such moves will destroy the doctrines and traditions of the Muslim community.
“Kadhi is not a judge like any  other judges .Awhwte one applies for the job, but it is a bigpost that only looks at problems facing Muslims. Therefore saying that a woman can be a Kadhi this is uncalled for and we will not allow.We will will do all. We can to ensure thta we sanitize our religion ,” he said.
This comes after some women activists initiated the debate with calls to have women Kadhis in the country saying that like Chief Justice  Martha Koome  Muslim women should also go for the position.

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