How I Finally Got Married To A Rich man


For so long my friends have been laughing at me saying I can never attract any serious man in my life. Thank God last year in December I proved all of them wrong when I landed a rich sponsor.

All those who used to laugh at me can watch from a distance as I ride in my new Toyota Premio which my new man bought me.
First my name is Rodah and my life has not been so smooth. Both my parents died when I was a young girl forcing me to live with my auntie.

She was also not rich and she did not even manage to take me to college after my high school. I therefore started going to a salon in the nearby town to try and get some training and also earn a skill that would help me make an income. Six months later, I was done with the training but could not earn much for a living.

My aunt asked me to learn being independent now that I was working somewhere. Living by myself was hard not to mention I had a hard time getting a better job. I could not survive on my own and I therefore decided to go back to the village. I actually got depressed because of the troubles I was going through. Nothing was
working from left, right and center.

Two months ago, still in the village with my old grandma, there was dowry functiontaking place in the neighbour’s house where the daughter of that home had landed a good and rich man to marry.

The moment I saw that man come in, I knew immediately that he was indeed rich. Fleet of cars filled the compound and he paid a very huge sum for her dowry. She really had a good life and it was even about to get better. After the ceremony, I asked her how she
got that luck and she actually opened up.

She said she had lived a pathetic life for a long time without any solution until someon introduced to her a traditional healer. She mentioned Dr. Mugwenu whom she also visited. I asked her to help me with his contacts and she gave me +254 740637248 which I immediately called and struck an appointment. Two days later, as I was browsing through my Instgram, a man by the name Alex liked
my photo and even inboxed me. He looked good from onset and one thing led to another and after two weeks he asked me out on a date.

After the date, he gave some money and he has been taking good care of my needs. He is about to marry me next month. He actually looks to be my dream man.

I cannot hesitate to advise anyone with a similar problem to visit Dr. Mugwenu. Just like a medical doctor, Dr. Mugwenu does a diagnosis on his clients by asking a few questions for self-introspection in the area of one’s life such as challenges in financial
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