What I did to My Girlfriend after stealing My Vehicle


My lovely girlfriend decided to steal my new Premio car which I had just bought from abank loan. The lady asked me to give her my Toyota car which she wanted to use to travel to Mombasa to check on her mother who lives there.

It was on a Saturday when I gave her the keys. I was not worried since she is a good driver. She safely drove to Mombasa and confirmed to me she had already joined the mother there. We kept conversing and updating each other the whole day until next day when she suddenly went silent.

Her phone was not going through, I started becoming worried not sure what had happened. This silence from her was not normal and the day went without her mobile getting through.

The following day, I woke up early having been disturbed all through the night, tried to call her with hopes that this time I will get her online but the same thing repeated, “Nambari ya mtenja uliopiga haipatijknani kwa sasa,” There is nothing in this world as worse as calling someone for two days without getting her. I started thinking deeply what had happened only to learn that she had run away with my car.

I went to Mombasa but never got her and neither the mother. They had moved to somewhere different. I decided to report to Mombasa Police to help trace her.

They asked me to record a statement which I did and promised to help trace her. Left helpless and dejected, I then returned to Kakamega. Stressed, I remembered a traditional doctor called Mugwenu who stays in Vihiga. I called him and narrated what had happened to me. He asked if the car was really mine
and told him “yes it is belonged to me” He called to meet me in town where he gave me some pieces of chains which I hanged
on my neck as you will do a necklace and ordered me to go back home and relax.

In just four days, I couldn’t believe that police in Mombasa had arrested some individuals who they believed were involved in a series of car robbery in Mombasa- and guess what? They called me and told me my car had been found in their possession.

I knew wow! Mugwenu was perfect. I thanked him and went to pick my car leaving the suspect rotting in jail. Just like a medical doctor, Dr Mugwenu does a diagnosis on his clients by asking a few
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