Dangerous thugs were found confused in my compound


Last week there was a dangerous group of young men terrorising our residence and which left several lives dead.

This insecurity in our area got the attention of the local media and police since the thugs were stealing from almost every households that looked rich. My family was also very worried about this matter to a level they wanted me to relocate.

Having seen how worried I was, one evening, my grandmother called me with important information on how I would keep safe. She said through Doctor Mugwenu, a traditional herbalist and spell-caster, we would get protected from the gang.

This statement first sounded like empty music to my ears since the condition was getting worse at our area. I however made up my mind and called the doctor through the number she had given to me.

I asked whether he would cast a spell that would protect my family from evil attacks and he indeed confirmed that he could help me.

I went to see him the next day and he did the necessary. Two days later, I woke up and found the gang of three men collapsed at my gate. They had tried to steal from my other house in the night but they could not penetrate since Doctor Mugwenu’s spell made them doze off.

I called the police to arrest them and the whole community thanked me for saving their lives.

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