My hubby embarrassed me infront his office colleagues


My name is Jenipher from Maua town where I went to start my retail grocery business and eventually got a beautiful Meru man with whom I settled with in marriage. Life was so good and we were growing very fast in our endeavors.

A year later, my hubby who used to spend a lot of time with me started behaving strange and I thought something must be wrong. I did not want to be quick to judge but it was obvious he was growing cold on me.

I started to sense that there was something going on. I was used to a man who had a large appetite, in and out of the bedroom. Here was a completely changed man wh never wanted to even touch me on the nail.
In my estate, I tried to look into whether there was any woman who might be having an affair with him.

The more I inquired, the further away I got from the truth. Finally, I decided to personally visit his office in Mlolongo.

While in the office, the man who ushered me into the office sat me down and asked who I was before I told him I am his wife. Lost of words, he sympathised first by looking down on the floor. I sensed there was something wrong. I emphasised for the reason he was doing that before he told me that things were quite right and that my hubby had told them not to allow me inside anyday.

The man even offered to disclose to me that my hubby had already settled down with their secretary who was away on leave that day.

After getting such news, I said I must meet him no matter what could happen. And when he saw me, he (husband) roared, “You woman, nani alikuambia unifwate fwate?”

I ignored his words and went straight for a mulika mwizi phone which was on the table, quickly dashing outdoors afterwards.
What I saw on the phone almost made me regret my decision to follow my husband to the office. He was actually having an affair with the woman.

When he returned home in the evening, he laid his coat on a sofa and proceeded to beat me. That day I remember I had to spend in my neighbour’s house.

Even though I returned, for three good months, my husband had not talked to me. I suppose he was happy. I had said prayers and fasted throughout the time but did not see anything positive happening.

In the course of looking for a solution, I met a friend, a lady whom I had schooled with. She is the one who encouraged me to visit an individual who is famous for bringing husband and wife together. Though I was skeptical, I decided to give a try.

I am always skeptical about things to do with witchdoctors and traditional hebalists, but this time round I was desperate and had no otherwise. After two weeks, I went to visit one in Nairobi. He is called Dr. Mugwenu.

He carefully took me through the entire process in a professional manner before giving me a drug I would use to cleanse myself, including many other things.

After two weeks my husband always complimented my looks. He could even kiss me in the public. Our love life had been rejuvenated Even the woman who chased me away had stolen all his belongings and disappeared.

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