Bodaboda rider took my wife but he started smelling like a rat!


I am still reeling in shock since my wife left me to get married to another neighbor who is a bodaboda rider.

When I tried to confront the two, my wife openly told me that she was not interested in marrying someone who has money but not satisfying her in bed. I thought she was joking but she came back home and ferried all her clothes and went to stay with the rider.

I have been living in anguish and depression now for three months until one of my colleagues came to talk to me with an advise of using Love Spells to get back her. He advised me to visit spiritualist who would then help get back my wife.

I asked for his number and I was given and within the same day called Mugwenu Healers and shared with him. He gave me a Monday appointment to meet him in office. I went there very early in the morning.

He asked me the name of my dear wife and told him. He also wanted to know who the randy rider was and told him he his Albert. Mugwenu carried out spell and assured me that I would be getting her soon.

Next day nothing was forthcoming but within the third day, my wife called on my mobile number, and I couldn’t believe! I ignored her calls only for her to call again and again before I finally picked the last. She pleaded with me to allow her to come back home saying the man who had taken her was smelling like a rat in bed.

I laughed silently and told Mugwenmu what was happening. Dr. Mugwenu told me to allow her back.

She is officially back and ready to settle with me happily. I thank Mugwenu for his faithful help which costed me just a few notes.

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