How I protected my family from being arrested while making traditional brew


I was born in a very poor family and by the time I was six years old, my father left our family because of the hardship and he decided to go to another country so as to avoid us. My mother was left to single handedly raise us and this led her to start selling traditional and illicit brew to take us through school and also pay for our basic needs such as rent and food.

However, some few months ago, the police cracked the whip on illicit brewers in our area and whoever was caught was jailed for life. I got so scared for my mother because this did not scare her.

By this time, I was 20, and I was also helping her. We were so poor and this was the only we would survive.

With the police hunting us day and night and with my mother being stubborn that she would continue selling the beer, I decided to look for alternative ways to protect her from police arrest. I thought of hiring some bouncers for security but since I did not have enough money, I let that option go.

One of my friends in the neighbourhood however, gave me an idea to visit Doctor Mugwenu who would use his spell casting powers to protect us from police arrests so that my mum could continue doing what she loves without me worrying about her security.

Indeed, after calling the doctor, he said he had such a protection spell that shielded one from police arrest. I went to his workplace and he cast the protection spell for my mother and the rest of the family. Since then, police officers hunt for brewers in our town but my mother has never been caught, she is kind of invisible to the authorities, all thanks to Doctor Mugwenu.
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