In this article, I will show you and walk you through a strategy you can use now to make more sales in your Business.

As you can guess, the more people starting the same business you are doing, the higher the competition.

Well, while I am not saying competition is a bad thing, it depends on how you have structured your business to win. When there are more options in the market (high supply), the customer has more options. With more options, comes the need for the supplier to downgrade and offer products at lower prices.

Here is the thing; Reducing prices is not a strategy.


Because there is no end game to it. It is an endless journey down the rabbit hole. It never ends.

*So what are your options?*

Instead of running around with everyone reducing prices, move away from their circle. This doesn’t mean you relocate your business. What I mean is that you look for new markets somewhere else.

You can’t be selling the same thing at Ksh.2,000 while the stall next door is selling the same at Ksh.1,500. Trust me, the customer won’t buy into your ‘its quality’ sayings.

Instead of competing on price, here is what to do; *Start marketing online*

Marketing your business in Kenya is one of the easiest things you can do.

Let me explain. You are either selling shoes or clothes. These are things you can touch and see, which means it is easy to push them online, especially if you go for social media. So, to do this; Facebook and Instagram are the two social media platforms that favor image-based content. This means that your business should do well in these two social media platforms.

I have two strategies for you but today I will teach you one of the two strategies; *Strategy 1: Marketing for free on Facebook and Instagram.*

I know you already understand how these two platforms work. So instead of boring you with technical stuff, I will just mention what you need to know. First, these two platforms are owned by the same company. This means that their function and decision-making process is almost the same.

Even with that, each platform has a different framework on how they push content within the site. The main ones are;

*Organic reach* – this is where you share a photo on your Facebook page and it reaches a certain percentage of people who have liked your page. I bet you have noticed that if you have a Facebook page with at least 1,000 likes whenever you post only 30 people see it. Why? Stick around to know exactly why and how to remedy the situation.

*Paid reach* – here, you pay the platform to push your content to even more people. More on this later.

Now, since we are seeking to market your business in Kenya for free online, your best bet is the first option; organic reach. To get started, I am assuming you already have an active Facebook and Instagram account. If you don’t, you can finish reading this guide and then go create later.

Now that you have the accounts, go ahead and fill in all the necessary information. You know, things like contact information, about your business, and any other necessary information. No one trusts a business that has no information on its accounts.

*Strategies to copy now*

First, you need an audience.

Two things;

For your Facebook page, go ahead and invite all of your friends to like the page. And for your IG account, use the #Follow4Follow hashtag.

Ain’t gonna lie to you, you will attract a ton of bots and fake accounts. But at least you will have the numbers to encourage you to keep going.

After that, focus on attracting real follows from your target market (the article on how to do this is coming up soon, so keep checking on this group for the same).

Another way to build an audience on Facebook is to join all the groups where your target customer is. For example; If you are selling ladies’ clothes, join all groups where ladies hang out.

While I have nothing against marketplaces, there is so much noise and everyone shouting ‘buy mine, cheap and best’ you have a real shot at selling on non-selling groups on facebook.

*Be sure to follow group rules.

*No spamming and posting adverts unless it is adverts day (if they have such).

*A good way to win here is to contribute within the group. Keep commenting and starting conversations and soon, the opportunity to sell will present itself.

With the audience taken care of, your next move is to sell.

This tactic also works with whatsapp groups.

*Why being boring is costing you customers*

First, take quality pictures of your products. It works best if you demonstrate how your products work. For example; If you are selling shoes, wear them and take pictures of your legs. I know how that sounds, but trust me. It is a psychological thing going on here.

The customer will start visualizing herself wearing the same. And when that happens, they are 70% sold.

Here is a goldmine;

Shot videos of you using the product and post online. It can be on your accounts or groups. People are bored seeing images all day long. You are doing them a favor by sharing videos, and add some background music to them.

This gives me an idea; How about you shot a video wearing that blazer and dancing to the latest song?

Why all these? Boring doesn’t sell in today’s online market!

*How to beat the Facebook algorithm*

This brings to my next point; Earlier on I promised to give you a secret to beat the Facebook algorithm that restricts the reach of your posts.

So you have over 1,000 likes on your facebook page, but whenever you post, you only get less than 50 likes or views!

Here is why;

Facebook has rigged its systems to only reward pages that keep people on its platform. This means that if you are posting stuff that takes people away from Facebook, chances are, Facebook will bury your posts.

And funny enough, they then ask you to throw in some budget to reach the rest.

So what wins? Post engaging content.

Ask questions

Post memes that are related to your business

Reply to every comment and aim to start a conversation

Simply put; The more likes, comments, and shares you get, the higher the post will go and the more views you will get.

Next time I will post another article on my second strategy on how to market your business on social media.


By Justine Nyachieo
Business Man & Mentor

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