Protection Spells and how it will work MAGIC for your family. Try and Thank melater!


Cheating in any relationship can turn a healthy relationship into just a sour grape, nowonder many married people have resorted to traditional family Protection Spells.

The spells, according to those who knowledge of it, can help protect a family especially when one partner or both starts to cheat. For instance, a man who caught red-handed his wife making out with their first-born son has gone public about the issue.

The heartbroken man narrated how he caught his wife of 21 years making out with his own son (18) on their matrimonial bed.

The man, who wrote to one of the newspaper relationship counselors in Kenya, said he could not believe his eyes when he saw the duo naked on his bed. “Our son had just turned 18 and I was shocked to see that he was involved with her mother,” he said.
He said he had gone to work on that day but midway; he realized he had forgotten something and quickly went back home.

“I decided to get back home because I forgot the keys to my office. I felt no need to call home and alert them that I was on my way back since I was not going to spend much time at home,” he wrote.

But when he got to the gate, he saw that the pedestrian side of of the gate open where he decided use to access the compound.

According to him, the house was eerily quiet. He began to suspect something was not just right.

“My other children had gone to school. Usually, I shout names whenever I get back home. But this time round something stopped me from doing so,” he revealed.

He then added that he quietly went in and saw his wife and son having an affair on their bed.

“It was the quietness in the house that gave me the hunch that something was amiss.When I met them doing what they were doing, my wife denied saying that she was trying to check out something on my daughter’s body.

“But the look on my son’s face showed me my wife was lying,” he said.
According to him, he managed to get to the office that day but quickly excused himself and went back home.

“My wife has since refused to admit to the affair, but my son has been crying his eyes out, though he has not said anything either,” he said. He said he does not know what to do with the whole situation, as he loves both his wife and son and chasing them may not be a solution.

In his case, his family can only remain intact if he decided to use a Traditional Spell Caster who will take him through Marriage, Love and Protection Spells that would eventually restore sanity back to his home.

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