If you are fortunate to pass through the secondary school’s business class, you might have read it from your Commerce textbooks that “business is buying and selling of goods and services”.

Most people leave school believing and approach their businesses just with that mentality.

That’s one of the reasons why most businesses fail.

I have heard people saying, “I just need XX shillings and I will go to Nairobi, buy xyz and sell”

Business is NOT just “buying and selling”. If it were, everybody would have become a millionaire.

Buying and selling? Who doesn’t know how to do that?

You know the problem with buying and selling is that everybody can do it.

You cannot make meaningful cash from whatever everyone can do.


Because, well, just any Joe can and possibly already is selling what you’re selling, the same way you’re selling it, at the exact same price you’re selling it.

You cannot make huge sales and you cannot be rich, if you’re merely “buying and selling”.

So if I claim that business is NOT buying and selling, what is business?

Business, real business, is the production of goods or services that meet certain UNIQUE wants or needs of a certain audience.

Just remember the word UNIQUE.

Most people who are planning to go into the business world really don’t understand how to be **unique**.

They are what I call “me too”

They are simply out there to sell what others are selling, just the way others are selling.

Only miracle can make you rich if you’re like that.

You need to have what Brian Sher calls, “Unique Selling Promise”.

Why must I buy from you, if I can buy from just any other person?

What makes your offer different?

Your job as an entrepreneur is to have an area of strength over your competitors.

Be unique.

Be different.

Be smart and strategic!


By Justine Nyachieo
Business Man & Mentor

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