He sold us a plot in Isinya and confidently told us we will never live there; that we were wasting our time. He saw fire!


I am Bernard from Isinya, Kajiado County where I bought a plot of sh 1.2 million after I had done a business contract and earned the money.

I got a road construction contract job with a certain county government which I may not mention here. I completed the job within a four month period and got paid a total of sh 6 million. I and my wife thought it wise to buy a piece of plot which we could develop some few rental units to help support us in the near future when we get old.

Therefore we were introduced to a real estate agent who scouted for us the plot we puchased. Its location was suitable. We stroke a deal and paid the money in full. We even made an initial agreement pending transfer of a title deed to our names. However, as we waited, we requested the agent to allow us to start with our constructions.

We started buying materials which included bags of cement, sand and steel doors which we transferred to the site. We then put up a pit latrine before we also fenced the entire 50 by 100 plot.

After we had gone that far, we thought we should continue pursuing the title deed and we rung the estate agent asking for it. He requested to be given some two weeks to make a follow up. Unfortunately, the two weeks elapsed without any response from him. My wife started worrying but I told her to remain patience it will be okay.

After three days, we decided to visit the agent whose offices are located at the CBD. We walked into his offices at about 45 minutes past one. He has yet to return from lunch. We waited patiently when he returned and welcomed us into his official unit. We asked about the document but he said the owner was yet to sign some more documents to necessitate the transfer and so needed some time. We left his office with some hopes.

Two weeks later, he had not spoken anything about the title deed when we decided to ask for the number of the owner of the plot. That is the seller. We were given the number and we immediately called him asking what was actually wrong? He told us confidently that, “Mnamaliza wakati wenu hiyo plot hamtawai kaa kwa Amani (You are wasting your time on that plot since you will never live there)”. I became stressed after hearing those words. I did not want to tell my wife what he had been told on phone. Because this could make matters worse. Given that she is suffering from high blood pressure.

Next day I told the agent what we had been told by the seller and he only said to me that it was unfortunate. That he had little he could do. After hearing that, I ran straight to my diary and searched for a number I had been given by my friend. It belonged to a traditional doctor by the name Mugwenu. He is a witchdoctor whose magic can cause harm to someone who is becoming troublesome.

This is as long as you have evidence of anything you accuse them of.
Mugwenu Doctors are the best traditional African herbalists from Tanzania, and spiritual healers who not only deliver to their promises but even heal dreaded diseases.


When Mugwenu listened to my story, he first laughed and said this was a very small thing he was going to deal with very fast. He then asked me to spread both my palms, splashed some liquid which looked like oil, wiped with a piece of feather and told me to go and greet the person who had sold us the plot. I traveled to the agent who called his client now the seller. When he came, I greeted him and immediately he started talking in tongues I heard him say words like, “Nimekuja kukupea shamba lote pole …poleni msinipige,”

No one wanted to beat him nor had asked him to speak anything but he went confessing to himself. At that point, I knew Mugwenu was working.

He hurried to sign all the papers and handed them to me promising never to behave that way again. And as we speak today we have constructed our houses and we already are waiting for our official original title document.

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