OPINION: On DP Ruto Supporting UDA Candidate in Kiambaa  By-election

By Eldoret Based Human Rights Activist Kimutai Kirui
Dp Ruto is Jubilee deputy party leader who supported UDA Candidate in Kiambaa by election, right?
Isn’t it hypocritical to agitate for ouster of Dr Mishra and others because they’re perceived not in UDA?
This is an escapist route to selfish opportunist without an agenda and a few of us driven by personal vendetta, envy and jealousy
Dr mishra has done more than is expected of any leader.
Not today nor in the near future will any leader match Dr Mishra’s input
Most leaders are too self centered to do what Mishra do or t’s within their grasp we hardly appreciate anything, slaughter our people a bull and few of us will loudly complain the bull had no tail.
As things stand we need ten leaders paired together to out weigh mishra’s projects.
And not because they’ve a road map to a better Keseses.
If Dr mishra does not support Dp Ruto but he’s fully committed to serve those who elected him where’s the problem?
In three years Dr Mishra has sponsored over 2000 students in Eldoret Polytechnic,give freely water tanks,car wash machines,beehives, cows,saloon and kinyozi paraphernalia,offset school fees, medical bills or ,funeral bills and offer funds Youth and women groups…what kind of leader do we want?
Didn’t Dr Ruto say the by election in Kiambaa was a friendly match within Jubilee.
Dr Ruto is still Jubilee party leader..is he opposing himself?
Let’s be honest, without Ruto’s support what else can we use against Mishra yet most of us including our leaders are beneficiaries of Dr. Mishra’s MONETARY AID and EMPOWERMENT?
Hon Oscar Sudi campaign in last general elections was funded by Dr. Mishra.
He need money to fight the ongoing ” – fake certificates case pending before court.
Be must hire the best lawyers in the market…Justice Ouko while still president of Court of Appeal ruled that The criminal case against Hon Sudi must continue.. most likely he want to go to Supreme Court to buy more time to drag the case…may be Dr Ruto will be sworn in and save his political career.
And how did a self confessed fraudster land in parliament yet a pool of well educated elites exist?
Oscar Sudi’s place is prison not parliament.
However,are we one of the most retrogressive society in the world, driven by abysmal selfishness envy/jealousy,sloth and pride?
Why as a community we adore criminals and sacrifice progressive leaders?
Why do we resort to bringing down anything good that does not benefit us at a personal level to inflict pain at any perceived beneficiary?
Our dictum is “We all better lose ” is the force behind such.
 Read I’M OK – YOU’RE NOT OK by Linda S.Budd..PHD  …it’s funny that some people or socities never get enough of anything no matter how much one give or do to them.
These group of persons project their difficulties onto others.
It’s false sense of Self  assessment and Styled Superiority, I’M OK, that project wrath onto a designated scapegoat.
It then mutates into Selfishness which allow us to regroup to destroy anything good on sight if “as an individual or few of us seem not benefit directly”
If not ask why are most of our public utilities – cattle dips are dead,, schools performance dismal,no sacco thrives nor no federation see light of day?
Why things given to Kalenjin Youth sold or money shared?
Some youth were heard saying “Tunauza vitu ya muhindi”,disgusting right?
Dr mishra gives these things for our own benefit not his.

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