How My Struggles In Life Ended After Doing This


How My Struggles In Life Ended After Doing This

I was brought up in a well and wealthy family with many family restrictions subjected to as I had a little exposure to the outside environment since my parents had barred me from associating with other people without their consent.

During my High school studies, they used to drive me to school in the morning and pick me up later in the evening. They even instructed some of my close teachers to keep their eyes on me so that I don’t mingle freely with other students. I was like a caged animal.

I had no time for girls. I didn’t have the vibe to confidently explain myself to girls although I needed some sexual pleasures. However, when I joined the higher learning institution, I was exposed to varieties of beautiful ladies but I didn’t know what to tell them so that they can offer some sexual pleasures. I was really disturbed.

Some of my campus friends used to underrate me despite the fact that I had money. I couldn’t speak to a lady while directly looking at her since there were some inborn fears that installed in me. I could even spend more than ksh50k on ladies per day but I fail to eat the ample pie. I was really depressed.

It was a routine for me to spend more than ksh100k every weekend on ladies but I didn’t know what I can tell them to love me and engage in some sexual pleasures. Imagine spending more than ksh100k on ladies but you don’t bang them? It really hurts.

I reached a point where I could even buy house hold items like electronics and other valuable items with the hopes of engaging in sexual matters with them but the fear installed in me couldn’t give me space.

Watching pornographic movies was the call of the day to me. I could masturbate like 4-5 times a day. I used to run to my hostel to masturbate every time I bumped into a beautiful good-looking lady within the campus environment.

There was a distressful moment that will never wade off from mind. It was on Sunday morning and just as a routine, I had positioned my laptop in the angle so that I can start watching my favourite porno movie to masturbate. I switched off the light, undressed myself and started the movie.

I had some abnormal pains in my geninals while masturbating, I made a loud acute scream as my friends rushed to my hostel to check on me. I was drilling in pain and agony as I had fallen on the floor. I was really embarrassed.

The next day, my close associate approached me and referred to me a renown herbalist Dr. Mugwenu for help since he had also a similar problem but was diligently sorted by Mugwenu. I was assessed by the herbalist and later given some herbal liquid medicine which I was instructed to take every morning. In a span of less than three days I never had that masturbating urge anymore. I now gained the confidence of tuning ladies. I really thank Mugwenu doctors for helping me out of this menace for it had really ruined my health and at the same time lowered my self-esteem.

Mugwenu herbalists cast various spells like hex spells, black magic spells just to mention a few. They also cure diseases such as epilepsy, tuberculosis among others just within three days time.

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