OPINION”Divergent Views Trigger Growth

By Eldoret Based Human Rights Activist Kimutai Kirui
We must borrow a leaf from the Agikuyu , progressive community which seems a century ahead, socially, politically and Economically.
 UDA may turn out to be the biggest scam or curse to Kalenjin nation if we elect wrong leaders under pretext of working with Dr Ruto.
We must ask why the Agikuyu are turning against one of their own Uhuru Kenyatta.
One, UDA will not offer free and fair nominations.
Who’ll win against Oscar Sudi or caleb Kositany no matter how popular one is?
 Leaders close to Ruto will rig themselves in, relocate to Nairobi to work with president Dr Ruto.
Very few will have time for the people.
Why is Ruto Agikuyu’s preferred?
The Agikuyu see huge potential in Ruto.They don’t care about Ruto
Ruto’s ideology subscribe to the interest of Kikuyu – entrepreneurship.Hustler narrative synchronize with Kikuyu DNA.
Hustler Ideology is concerned about 90% of the people paying taxes but who systems oppressed. Agikuyu no longer boast of land to utilize or sell Kikuyu eat creativity.
The first capital is the mind, power to explore, create and venture. Is there a hotel or bank serving Kalenjin community for free because Mandago is governor?Why are Kikuyu advanced?
Kikuyu Hawkers in Eldoret arrive every morning without a shilling but return home with 1K . Our brothers hang around shops gossiping and slandering others while begging alcohol, tea and mandazi.. that’s why they call others “BEGGARS”. It’s exactly what they do.
Those guys parading clothes around Belasco – Eldo City have no stock of their own. These are the Hawkers – fruit vendors we brand wakora – thieves but hustler narrative target and seek to bring them together.
Sisi mjinga wale wao arre only brought together ( ” KALENJIN UNITY”) to vote
Kikuyu are hustler movement as an economic app,politics only offer the environment
This is why most Kalenjin leaders coin slogans and Manifestos around UDA – Kazi ni Kazi with practically nothing to offer.
Haki ya Mungu,Sasa picha ya aspirant tagged along Ruto’s,color ya UDA – KAZI ni KAZI inscribed in kweli empowerment?
Why are our leaders not interested to promote groups, Saccos or federations?
This is why. For the last fours leaders demonized Dr Mishra for EMPOWERING Kesses Youth and Women then towards election the same leaders who demonized Mishra’s Empowerment programs are  sheepishly copying what they termed Mishra’s – “CHARITY and HANDOUTS”.
Leaders must be selfless -at the forefront to Empower the people not as voters.
Leaders must stop Investing only in people to vote,land buying and banking money.
We must create jobs for the people.
Leaders must trigger a different path,a mindset
We’re poor with our lands.
At times i personally wonder if
Mandago can’t start a company like Mishra or Buzeki what will the rest of us do?
If as a Leader you haven’t even employed farm workers how’ll we employ you to create wealth or environment to spur development?
Instead , obsession is to buy land as is usual with any typical Kalenjin layman’s mindset is what drive our leaders. What’s a business capital?
A Kalenjin need so much capital to START a BUSINESS he has no IDEA nor PLAN about.
Hustler narrative is the answer.
The groups Dr Mishra give car wash machines and funds is the only remedy.
We’re in a new dispensation where creative minds create companies out of a litre of milk.
Kalenjin male child still want to be employed in KDF and NPS…a whole graduate to eat bribes and 50K per month.
Every Kalenjin male Youth except the girl child lack capital.
Let’s use illicit brewers as reference point
Many start with no capital at all but end up educating children to university level and buying land.
These women start with nothing.
All they need is sugar on credit, firewood, brewing paraphernalia again borrowed and ten drinking Kalenjin Hustlers.
 And she’s on her feet.
These women then invest in chama…merry go round and finally go for personal loans in the bank.
Get it from me,a changaa brewer will be comfortably served tea and snacks in a bank than a civil servant.
We’ve seen such brewers with Timiza or KCB loan Apps giving them upto 100K loan limits.
Ever asked why Hawkers are victims of state brutality ,both National and County?
Can’t hawker pay taxes?
They do and they’re not criminals.
They earn decently The corporate world or the established businesses know the threat hawkers pose to them in terms of competition. That’s why Dairy board don’t want milk hawkers.
Wonder why milk vendors are unhygienic but vegetable or fruit vendors are?

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