Police Recover Firearm From Gangster in Kasarani 

Police Officers on patrol recovered a firearm from a gangster in Kasarani, who had just accosted a pedestrian on her way to work.
The miscreant had in a bid to escape jumped on a getaway motorbike that sped off after confronting the pedestrian at Season’s bus stop.
However, lady luck was against his escape bid. When the rider heard the rumbling sound of an approaching Police land cruiser chasing after them at breakneck speed, his motorcycle began wobbling on the road and the armed pillion passenger fell off the beleaguered bike landing on the tarmac with a thud!
Unbowed and determined to escape from the long arm of the law, the suspect began firing at the Police vehicle that had screeched to a halt. His mistake turned costly.  It only took the response from one of the officers aboard the truck to immobilize him, by injuring him fatally.
Police believe that the gangsters are connected to a shooting incident that occurred last night at the Githurai roundabout, where a man was shot on the right arm by gun toting hoodlums on a motorbike.
The thugs had just snatched a hand bag from a lady who was walking home and opened fire on concerned members of the public who were responding to her distress call.

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