Drama as Woman Goes After eating man’s fare


There was drama in Kakamega after a woman who had eaten a man fare ran mad.
According to her close friends, the woman was in a long-distance relationship with a man whom they had met on Twitter.
Their relationship was going on well until when the man demanded that the woman came to visit him.

“The man send over Sh 5,000 to the lady so that she may purchase some clothes and transport to facilitate her reach the man’s destination,” she said
She said the woman after receiving the amount she decided to put of her phone and enjoy the money instead of visiting the mana place.

“The man tried to call here for over two hours but in vain, the man became angry and regretted why he sends the money to her,” she added.

She said his friend referred him to a famous herbalist Dr Mugwenu who could help him teach the lady a lesson that she could never forget in her lifetime.
He contacted the doctor and they agreed that he could visit the doctor the following day

“The following day the doctor cast a misery spell that would bring misfortunes on the woman’s life until she refunds back his cash, after casting the spell the woman became mad and started moving up and shouting how she had eaten Sh 5,000,”

The family was forced to raise some money for the lady to regain sanity after sending back the money she became well and she vowed never to eat anyone’s fare.
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