People Will Not Believe In You Ignore Them

By Babu Owino Embakasi East MP
Jesse father of David had his shortcomings.He din’t speak faith into David.He didn’t encourage him to go after his dreams.When prophet samuel showed up at his house to anoint the next king of Israel,Jesse didn’t bring David in from the shepherd fields.He didn’t think David was king material.
He thought,”David,he’s too small,too young,he’s not that talented,he’ll never do anything great.”He discounted David.The good news is people don’t determine your destiny.Your gifts,your talents,your potential,the king in you,it comes from your Heavenly Father.Don’t discount yourself,don’t come up with excuses to settle,”I’ve gone as far as anyone in my family.
I didn’t have anybody to help me,my father wasn’t around.”Your Heavenly Father was there the whole time.He has been watching over you even before you were born,what he started he’s going to finish.There are gifts and talents in you he’s going to bring out.You are going to step into a new boldness,confidence,see favor and increase that your family has never seen.Greatness doesn’t come from people it comes from God.Your father and your friends May be like Jesse,they don’t believe in you,or they are not there for you,talked down to you but your Heavenly Father is there.You will accomplish your dreams,you will defeat giants,you will become all you were created to be.Don’t look down look up.
Your destiny is not limited by how you were raised.It’s not limited by what level your parents reached.God your father is with you.Quit seeing yourself as average,limited,poor that’s not who you are.

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