Kenyans Attack Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi After He Posted This Video 

Kenyans have attacked Kapseret member of parliament posted this on his Facebook page.
Sudi postef “My message to my brother Hon. Rigathi Gachagua who is currently behind the bars,”
He is a big supporter of the deputy president William Samoei Ruto’s presidential bid.
But his bid had been rubbished by TNT dynasties who have termed him as corrupt and cannot be trusted with the country’s leadership.
Sudi is also a big critique of president Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration and the Building Bridges Initiative which was recently annulled by thr High Court judges who termed it as null and void.
His post recieved mixed reactions here are some of their comments.

Ronald Atsenga wrote “Ur next…unatusi Mr Kinoti shame on you. Eti this are the kind of leaders boosting go lead us in 2022. Bure kabisa,”

Edward Naija says “How did he make 12billion in a span of eight years what enterprenuership approach did he used so as to help many failing business in the country and failing prarastatols don’t just defend anyone since you belong to the same political parties this country belongs to all of us and every problem affects all of us,”
Stephen Musembi says “Allow Justice to take place ! You can’t be using political alignments to cover corruption. But this is what happens , when you reason using improper dental formulae.     You don’t  talk in parliament , don’t forget that cause you lack facts,”
Engineer Isaac Bobby wrote “Which kind of leaders a you lakini,somebody is being arrested for corruption, you are here commenting on the issue??surely  how a we going to trust that 2022 you will fight corruption???at least tunaendelea kuwajua kila siku,”
Khor says “Kila mwana siasa is not a saint. FACTs!  There must be some irregularities on how the Hon. Gacha procured 12B. Give the law chance to take its course,”

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