At my local village, at around 4pm to 7pm, you will find small groups of people (mostly middle aged men) along the road, market places or at homes chatting about village, county and national politics.

This is a good way of socializing, but have you ever asked yourself why most people are poor in your local village?

One major reason why most people are poor (and would die poor) is because they don’t mind their own businesses.

They are over-concern about national issues.

They think bad government is the reason why they are poor.

Let Kenya`s president and politicians be whatever they wants to be. My life is in my hand, and my Creator.

What exactly am I teaching here?

The surest way to be poor forever is to hope the government does better.

The next to that is to hope that job (even good ones) would make you rich.

By now you and I know better.

You may ask, “But starting a business and making it successful is NOT easy”

Yes, it is not easy and it would never be easy!

I spent more than 6 years in the wilderness and desert of the business world, trying, failing, making mistakes, facing rejections and oppositions from friends and family members,

So I understand when you say that it’s not easy.

But you see, it’s better to die young as a free man, than to live long in slavery!

That is how I always think.

I was one of the best students to ever go to school. I was the best students in Accounting, Economics and Commerce. I graduated from University of Nairobi, School of Business with 1st class, an academic champion and an influential University political leader.

But, with my good grades I decided to venture into business instead of trying my best to climb the corporate employment ladder.

I have only worked for someone just about 17 months of my life (and that was the worst period of my adult life, you know but it gave me experience).

It was not because I was born by a rich father or because I had anyone to finance my business ventures (in fact, my family opposed my going into business), but because I was willing to DIE, rather than being a slave in the corporate world.

You have power to change your life, if you think you do.

You don’t need any government to make you rich, if you think you don’t.

You don’t have to remain in the slavery of job you don’t like. You can start that business and make enough money to live your life.

I love you and I wish you the best in becoming an entrepreneur.


Justine Nyachieo
Business Man & Mentor

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