My evil step mother had cursed my life, this is what i did to deliver myself from the curse



I am Phanice from Kericho and have been living with my step mom for many years since my dad died through a road accident that occurred along Nakuru-Eldoret Highway.

After losing and burying the dad, my life took a different twist and immediately my step mother started mistreating me and even never wanted me go to school like the rest of her kids. I was isolated.

She had inherited all our wealth including thirteen PSV Nissan which she continued managing as part of our family business. We also had rental units that would fetch her a whopping 171k per month.

She continued harassing and treating me like an outcast until one day a neighbor sneaked me to a traditional spell caster by the name of Mugwenu to protect me.

Mugwenu had to use charms to protect my life from being destroyed by my evil step mom. Actually this worked magic as I started seeing a great difference in my life. Luck started coming my way.

So when I was joining my form one after passing KCPE exams, a volunteer came from the blues to my rescue and offered to educate me upto University.

My jealous mother became so bitter and started sending text messages to my sponsors to stop paying my school fee but luckily she was ignored and they continued paying for my education.

As we speak I finished my university and now working with a US firm based in the city as an accountant. Thanks to Mugwenu Traditional Doctors.

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