A man Develops Breathing Problems and Dies on the Spot


What started as a jovial rendezvous for two lovebirds and a romantic evening at a guest room in Maragua turned tragic, when the man developed sudden breathing complications and died on the spot leaving the woman bewildered.

Frederick Opiyo, 50, and Mary Mwende, 35, were well known to each other. They had been in a romantic relationship for a period of time and yesterday’s was one of the many dates that they had enjoyed together.Sadly for Mwende, it was the last time that she would enjoy the company of her beloved.

Opiyo was a man of enviable skills. He was a mason whose mastery in building and construction would see him land construction opportunities in different towns, making him shuttle between Nairobi and Murang’a to honour construction contracts.

Yesterday, he had left Nairobi for Maragua in Murang’a county and along the way, he had called Mwende informing her of his impending arrival. He asked her to prepare a meal of ugali, which they would take alongside a piece of fish that he had brought along.

On arrival, Opiyo booked room A1, in an establishment within the town. Shortly after, Mwende joined him in the room and together they enjoyed their sumptuous meal of Ugali and Fish accompanied by a desert of fresh avocado, as they exchanged loving flatteries.

Later according to Mwende, her man went to the bathroom and after around two minutes, returned to the main room. Mwende then excused herself to take a shower before joining him. However, while in the bathroom she heard Opiyo groaning while gasping for breath.

Shocked, she rushed out of the bathroom and met her lover panting uncontrollably. She rushed outside the room and notified the night guard Stephen Mbau, that her boyfriend had suddenly been taken ill and was gasping for breath.

Together with the lodge attendant Bibiana Mulee, the three rushed back to the room only to find Opiyo lying motionless on the bed. They immediately alerted Police officers based at Maragua Police Station, who responded immediately.

DCI Crime Scene personnel who combed the room for clues into the probable cause of Opiyo’s death discovered an empty sachet of Vega 100. The deceased’s body was moved to Murang’a Hospital mortuary where it is awaiting postmortem to ascertain the actual cause of his death.



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