Turbo Parents up in Arms after Sub-county Director Dr. Kuyo Ole Saoinah was Transferred


A section of Turbo parents are up in arms after Turbo sub-county Director of Education Dr. Kuyo Ole Saoinah was transferred.

They said the move by the Ministry of Education was uncalled and ill-intended.

“As parents from Turbo Sub-county we are disappointed with the government’s move of transferring Dr. Olesaoinah to Kericho, Daktari has done a lot to us and we will not allow him to leave us when we need him more,” said Mama Janet Koskei while speaking to the press.

This comes after Dr. Kuyo Ole Saoinah was transferred to Kericho.

“Dr. Saoinah came to Turbo when our mean score was at its knees, there were increased cases of female pregnancy, students were dropping out of school but since he took over I can say without fear of contradiction that things have changed,” said John Koskei a parent at Umoja High School Eldoret.

Joan Wanjiru a parent whose child benefited from the Wings to Fly Scholarship where Dr. Olesaoinah was the chairman said it was the first time she saw a transparent process where the bright and needy students benefited from the same.

“He is a no-nonsense man unlike other years where the scholarships were given basing on who you knew Dr. Olesaoinah has brought sanity in the whole process since for the first time my child got Wings to Fly scholarship which was only meant for the rich,” added Wanjiru.

They called on the Ministry of Education to revoke his transfer with immediate effect saying his transfer will affect students’ performance.

“We are calling on the Cabinet Secretary of Education George Magoha to hid at our plea by revoking Dr. Olsaoinah’s transfer, this man is a performer and we know his removal is politically instigated, we will not allow a performer to be replaced by a non-performer,” John Koskei said.

Speaking to Dr. Kuyo Ole Saoinah through the phone he thanked the Ministry of Education for allowing him to work in Turbo Subcounty and that he is up-to-the task in his new station.

“I want to thank the Ministry of Education for allowing me to work in Turbo Sub-county, I have worked in Mandera and Narok where performance improved and the records are clear. I worked well with the leaders of Turbo. I appreciate the decision by the Ministry of Education of taking me to Kericho. I thank you for the support you have given me while serving here, working with was awesome since performance improved drastically. I also thank my wife for he unending support May God bless Turbo,” he said through a phone interview.

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