Deputy President William Ruto  Explains the bottom Up Economy



Deputy President William Samoei Ruto now say the bottom up economy focuses on the jobless struggling husterlers.


Through his Facebook page the deputy president criticized those  against the bottom up approach.


“For those stuck in politics of ethnicity, positions, power and constitutional changes, they must have a debate on the economy especially the bottom up model that is focused on the jobless, struggling hustler enterprises & those who can’t put food on the table that is posing a major challenge understandably,” said the deputy president.


“We have the option of making peace with the mediocrity of leaders-centred, position/power sharing politics and the failed trickle down economics OR up our game to the people-centred and bottom up model that deliberately focuses on labour intensive infrastructure/manufacture investments,” he added.


He says the bottom up is focused on deliberately creating jobs, liberating hustler enterprises from shylock-credit exploitation & unfair regulation and empowering our resource-poor farmers/herders to produce so as to free them from the slavery and indignity of relief food aid.


“Difficult as it is, the economy conversation is a must have  if we  have to salvage our present and liberate our future. Welcome to the new bottom up conversation that will burry tribalism, patronage, cronyism and corruption. Truly the conversation has changed for good,” he added.


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