OPINION :Madness of masses, Erick Pevernagie – A Change of Vision States

By Eldoret Based Human Rights Activist Kimutai Kirui
“When people are just drifting along the tides of life and can’t see the shores of reality anymore, they may experience someday the irresistible desire for a liberating burst, emerging deeply from the inner self and disentangling them from their manufactured pattern..;
When will we use our numbers to our advantage not to benefit politicians?
When will stop conforming to same created patterns?
The voter must realize with or without elections,change is inevitable.
If elections offer change why is Agriculture, Health care or Infrastructure in the same mess?
Progression is a matter of choice.
And today,Mt Kenya is witnessing the biggest wind of change.
It’s business unusual to the billionaires and power brokers there.
It’s no longer about ” Our Own Son” in power (that’s retrogression ) but our interests as Youth and Women.
Mt Kenya Youth and Women are asking leaders what will youve done for us first before we vote you in?They voted out  Mbugua,Murathe and Kamanda, Uhuru recycled and gave them lucrative tenders.
Murathe was bankrupt.
Today’s he’s mocking voters as imbibes the finest whiskey on TV and vomiting on the very same voters courtesy of Uhuru.
Voters are curving their destiny.
But there’s none in Kalenjin land.
We can pardon,the way the Barngetuny or Mark Too of 1990 behaved but can we our modern ones,the Mandago’s or Sudi’s of 2021?
We can sidestep the mindsets our grandparents -parents exhibited as voters but what about today’s graduates – carriers of masters and PhD’s?. George Orwell said that
” If the greatest fruit of one’s labours is the education he gets from it, then that opportunity to work (or live) should give him THE chance to educate Others.
The fact that this rarely happens only shows the moral depravity of our society.”
Critique anything to do with Dr Ruto or UDA – it’s punishable by death., Even a Kalenjin christian will forgive one for blasphemy but not to critique William.
Dr william is the way,the truth and life
During Moi’s regime things failed- Businesses, Agriculture, Education, Health and roads.
During KANU’s era democracy, rule of law ,good governance and patriotism were strangled
Only few used the community label to remain in power and enrich themselves as the majority remained in abject poverty
We were theoriticaly Kalenjin but practically slaves to KANU and Moi’s cronies.
During Moi’s era, cronyism, sychophancy and demagoguery was order of the day
Scholars and experts were enemies of the community but quacks whose only qualification was singing “KANU YEJENGA NCHI,TINGISHA KIDOLE, KANU NI BABA NA MAMA!” were the epitome of success.
That’s an era where good roads and electricity led to BIWOTT’s sanctuary, Kosgey, Kanyingi,Kamatho’s or Mark Too or Zakayo Cheruiyot’s palaces and love nests.
Visible electricity poles passed through villages and schools to individual homesteads.
We had no choice but to vote in Moi and cronies or risk being branded “Enemy of the Community!”.
How we reduced or condensed a whole community to fit into Moi’s and now Ruto’s side pocket beat logic.
The interests of the community were enshrined in KANU and Daniel Arap Moi’s armpits.We’re likely to witness the same script with different actors replay in in UDA…
People are told to shape or ship out..na mtafinywa.UDA will be a dictatorial party in Rift valley.According to Hon Junet Mohamed unashamedly, voters are BABA’S COWS.
So don’t mock Raila’s cows,just look around , plenty of Ruto’s cows around? We’re a herd, Ruto’s herd Mandago , Sudi and others are the shepherds.
H.E. Mandago is on heat (political),he must be in the next government..don’t be mesmerized why he wants us 100% behind Ruto. We must rise above this madness
Politicians or political parties not us must realign their manifesto to aspirations or welfare of businessmen, entrepreneurs, teachers,doctors.
Not vice versa We’re not just voters,we need people to work for us. We must challenge conversational thinking.
We must go beyond meaningless campaign pledges and catchy phrases.The more things change, the more they remain the same.We’re always in one class or party but the majority will fail.
We’re all in the same business but few will make.

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