“Outcry -Rogue city pastor who took my property by force under mysterious circumstances


My name is Elkana from Kisii County living in Nairobi where I and my wife Priscila bought some properties.

The properties fetch us sh 150,000 in rents every month what is sufficient to take care of our family bills. We also have two children in High school.

So during our stay in the city, we were introduced to a church in Ruai Estate where we have been going.
We started visiting there every evening and Sundays for prayers and had a very good spiritual relationship with the pastor with whom we were able to share our life experiences as he was a more sociable character.

Interestingly, his prayers were centered on giving. He always pleaded with his faithfuls to surrender all they have to God. Three quarters of his preaching was about giving. He made sure we wrote a list of what we had in our homes and gave to him.

He would ask us to give as much as we could to the church to be able to be blessed, little did we know, God forbid, that he was targeting our hard earned wealth. Infact, before we knew it, he had talked to my wife secretly and persuaded her to bring our property title deeds to him for prayers. I was not in the picture.

So one day when I wanted to have the photocopies of the documents for laminating, my wife told me that she had taken them to the pastor last month. I asked her why and she told me for ‘blessings’. I kept quiet and went to the pastor who told me to wait for
blessings. “Don’t interfere with blessings”. However, after two month, he was still not talking anything about it. I went back to him when he told me.

“Mkuwe na heshima kwa watu wa Mungu. Hii makaratasi sii kitu kwangu (Try and have some respect to men of God. These are just papers they won’t take you anywhere)?”

“Lazima ukuwe tayari kupeana ndio mtaona miujiza Zaidi (You must be ready to give tobe blessed)” he pressed on adding, “Kneel down and repent”.

At that point, I started thinking whay this was happening. Why was he not willing to give back our documents? I then knew, he was stealing from us.

I waited for another two weeks as he had promised to return the papers but he still failed. I then resorted to confront him before he went missing for three moth. I reported the matter to local administration who never helped me.

My wife was mad that evening and told me in the face that she was sorry she never knew we were being conned by the city pastor. We started chasing for our property back but the he(pastor) started dodging us. He completely stopped picking our calls and chose to delegate church duties to his juniors for the entire period he was away.

Happening to have heard what we were going through, someone advised my wife that
we should seek the services of Mugwenu Doctors who are located in Vihiga. Though
skeptical for things to do with witchcraft, we reached to the traditional doctor who then
interrogated us on what had transpired and how the plot found itself in the hands of the
stranger. We explained, he listened then laughed and told us to wait and see.

In just a record three days, the pastor was calling and told us he was sorry for conning us our hard-earned property in the name of blessing our family. He said he could no
longer sleep soundly. That anytime he closes his eyes to sleep, some sharp noise emanates from under the bed. He finally gave back our title deed and we are grateful to Mugwenu Traditional Doctor. He is indeed a professional who you can also contact on: Email Dr Mugwenu at mugwenudoctors@gmail.com. Website – http://www.mugwenudoctors.com . Telephone: +254740637248.

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