A robbery attempt by two suspects turned disastrous



A robbery attempt by two suspects turned disastrous after neighbours responding to a distress call at a village in Lugari, Kakamega, are believed to have attacked one of the suspects leaving him with injuries that later claimed his life.

Earlier, in a bid to ensure that they executed their mission unhindered, the suspects are believed to have first poisoned a dog belonging to Mirriam Miramboga, in whose compound they had planned to stage the robbery.

With the dog safely out of their way, the suspects emerged from their hideout a few minutes past 1am & tiptoed to Miramboga’s compound, braving the biting cold to carry out their mission.Unexpectedly, Miramboga wasn’t asleep since she detected shadows moving outside her house.

Immediately, she let out loud thunderous screams throwing a spanner in the works, effectively spoiling the party for the suspects who were caught flat footed! Her distress calls attracted neighbours from across Mbajo village and beyond, who responded immediately in their numbers.

As the suspects were escaping, one of them identified as David Baraza was cornered by the irrate villagers. They allegedly descended on him with blows, kicks, crude weapons and all manner of projectiles, before officers from Lumakanda Police station arrived, rescuing him from the wrath of the mob that was baying for his blood. However, Baraza did not make it since after he was taken to Lumakanda hospital, he unfortunately succumbed to his injuries.

The deceased’s body was moved to a morgue in Webuye pending identification and postmortem. #FichuakwaDCI through our toll free line 0800722203.

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