My wife got a job, started moving with her boss and always asked me ‘Uta do?’


It was very sad to realize that I was living with a woman who was almost taking my life away. If I had not been in constant touch with Dr. Mugwenu today it would be another story -I would six fit under.
It all started when my 7 year wife got a job as a secondary school accountant and started to move with his boss the –school principal.

After landing the job, she started to behave differently sometimes coming home very late at 9PM and whenever I tried to ask her about it, the only answer was, “Kazi ni mingi shuleni you idiot”
Doing that second month in a raw, I decided to confront her and the answer I got from my dear wife was even heartbreaking. She asked me, “Uta do?” before I answered back in anger, “Why can’t you have some respect. How can you be answering me that rude? Is it wrong for me to find out where you have been?”

I remember it was around 9.30 at night when she banged the door behind her and left claiming I had started harassing her at home. This was just an excuse to leave!
At that point, I knew she had decided to try and see what I could do. I slept that day a worried man. Much disturbed!
Next morning, I walked early to the school where she works, when at around 8am, a car came in and what I saw was a big shock!.

The school Principal parked the car at the school’s parking bay, and a woman alighted from the same car- she was my own wife, in her hand, tightly holding onto a briefcase belonging to the principal. That is the exact day I knew my wife was having an affair with her boss.

I did not raise an alarm but went straight to her desk and asked her where she had spent her night before she answered rudely that she had to look for somewhere to spend and that it was my problem.

I went back home asking myself several questioned which did not have answers. I then remembered how my friends had handled a situation just like this, and rung him.

He advised me to look for a traditional healer by the name Mugwenu Doctors. He even offered me the number +254740637248 which I called that day in the evening.

I shared my sad story with the traditional herbalist who conducted spells through the phone. I still doubted his ability though…
Just like a medical doctor, Dr Mugwenu does a diagnosis on his clients by asking a few questions for self-introspection in the area of one’s life such as obstacles, challenges in financial and physical aspects, among others.

He handled my situation professionally and told me to wait for only three days when something will be happening to my wife and her boss which they will never forget.
And interestingly, within the three days he had promised, the teachers and students at the school were treated to a rare drama where the two lovers were embarrassingly found stuck on an office table having an affair.

Activities came at a standstill. I did not rush there but hurriedly took my phone and rung Mugwenu to tell him congratulations ‘man’.
Mugwenu told me to wait for next day when he will perform an exercise that will help the two separate but only if they will part with money I wanted. I asked for sh 500K which the school deputy organized to give me and Mugwenu set them free with a warning shot.

My wife was embarrassed and left the school to unknown place, while on the other hand, the rogue school principal was demoted to just now a mere teacher.
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