A man shares his joy after he got a job due to successful interview charms



Jack was almost losing hope in every effort he used to get himself a job. He had graduated from the university five years ago.

Since then he has never got a decent job even after several trials of having been into interviews.

Throughout his journey of finding a decent job, he had been meeting some toxic people who where some even wanted a lot of money as bribe to help him land lucrative job opportunities. He came from such a humble background and raising such money for a job was something that would not happen.

“In my job searching endeavors I met different people where some were such corrupt. The lucrative jobs were only offered to people who had connections where I noticed that they were less qualified than I was. This was because they met the bribing conditions which were required by the respective employers.” With that he had to tarmac even more in search for a job opportunity.

The only ones he got were handy jobs which most of the times did not pay that much but he had to do them so as to raise money for his personal use.

With a long time of doing the jobs he became worn out. He appeared like someone who was so much old despite being in her early 30s.s Life was not fair to him as every time he would fail t interviews.

As he said, he was even reaching to the point of forgetting the skills he had been learning in his career path. No one wanted to assist him get a job as people lived their lives. After sometimes he heard of a traditional doctor from social media. Since the herbalist had been offering people with solutions to their life difficulties, he took that as the only opportunity.

He contacted the herbalist whose name was Dr Mugwenu after he had his number through his official Facebook page. On meeting Dr Mugwenu, he was offered some successful job spells that would make him pass the job interviews he had been failing.

A week did not end where he got a job interview. He luckily scoped the chance and passed the interview where he finally got the job and that was the end of his long time spell of seeking employment.

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