A Nairobi business man had to do this to reduce competition towards his business



Mwangi was a business person in Nairobi where he ventured in clothes selling business. He imported clothes from outside the country for business. It was such a good business but with time, things started to be going the wrong way.

After sometimes several shops with the same products he used to sell were opened just adjacent his business, something that really made him get no profit since people would walk and pass his clothes just to go and buy from his competitors. Due to this, he was incurring a lot of losses each particular time.

This went for sometimes and that particular time he never thought of a solution to change the situation. “My business was slowly declining as people chose to buy my competitors products. Not that I was jealous but this really made me have more losses than profit. I wanted a breakthrough but the only thing I would do at that particular time was shut down the business and think of opening another different business.”

He waited for sometimes for things to change as he had hope that things would change but nothing was really happening.
He decided to come up with a strategy he was to apply to get more customers to his business.

With each item he sold, he imposed a discount so as to attract more and more customers to buy the products. Even after doing this, nothing was really changing in his business as people would even not buy his products. The condition even became worse after covid-19 was a disaster in the country. He wished to make the little profit he as getting but with these condition things were not working.

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He would now make profits unlike before where he had been incurring losses each particular day.

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