A Kenyan woman Narrates  won a child support case 


A month ago, a Kenyan woman came to social media and claimed she had a child with a popular pastor from one of the renowned churches in Nairobi.

She said she was a believer in the pastor’s church and after sometimes they developed a sexual relationship with the pastor for sometimes without nobody knowing. The pastor had promised to take care of the child under any circumstance.

At time of their friendship, things were just okay as the pastor expressed some love and affection to her.

“A lot of people call themselves men of God, this pastor was a true man f God as he was really a powerful preacher but every Sunday after the service we would meet at his offices at the church grounds where we would have sex. Since he had a lot of money and top business I would not reject him at that time.”

Despite the pastor having a beautiful wife still he some affairs. Just after she gave birth, the pastor never seemed bothered by the fact he had a baby with someone else outside his marriage. He even went to the point of telling her that he would sue her if she continued spreading news that he had a kid with her.

The wrangle became more complex as the pastor dared even to kill her. After sometimes she filled a case in children court as she wanted full support of the child from the rogue pastor.

She knew the pastor was such a wealthy man and by any means he would interrupt the case by either bribing the court personal something that she really feared. She was just an ordinary person and she knew no one who would help her win the case.

She heard about Dr Mugwenu a traditional doctor who had been offering people with spells that made them win court cases. This was after a website www.mugwenudoctors.com poppe on her mobile browser as she was surfing on the internet. Dr Mugwenu offered her the spells and when the final day of hearing the case, the judge read the final verdict of her favor.

The pastor was held accountable as he was required to be each month pay ksh 100,000 child care money. The lady thanked Dr Mugwenu for having saved the life of her child as she had no job to ensure she maintained her child.

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