“Friends no longer pick my calls after I lost my job,” a man narrated the hard life



He has been supported by his family for more than a year after he had been retrenched. He lost his job at the time his wife was heavily pregnant and bedridden.

The guy who was a managing director of a certain unmentioned company narrated “At the time I was retrenched my wife was five months pregnant, She was on 24 hour bed rest.

My family has been my heroes bringing me food/helping me pay rent, and even encouraging me. I was doing little farming at home but my family was still supporting me as I still did not have a job.

Sometimes I would even pay rent In installments .Luckily for me, I had a very good landlady, That is the reality was the reality of the situation.

He added that he lost a lot of friends after he lost his job adding that most no longer pick his calls for reasons best known to them.

”There are people at that time I called friends but when I call them to ask for work they never picked my calls or even replied to my messages. None wanted to hear from me as they so me as a burden and a person who was only borrowing them money and wanting some cheap favors at this particular time,”He said.

After sometimes he saw this as a problem to even his parents. His wife had even got a child and it was shame that his parent s fed her wife plus him included most of the times since he was not able to put food on the table.

He had nothing special to do about it and so the only thing was to hope maybe he would get a job to change the situation and how things were going at this particular time.

He only did some small manual jobs mostly on construction sites which really paid small coins which he would add up with his parents to support his wife and the new born. The good thing was that his parent never gave up on him since he was their only child and they loved him despite the situation she was in.

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