How I lost my 200k through a phone call scam, Mirriam a mitumba business woman narrates



Miriam a business woman in Nairobi received a text message on one day asking her to provide the secret personal code so that her sim card could be swapped. She was confused, She had not asked for a new card and just moments earlier she had terminated a call that she now realized must been of a fraudster who had posed as a customer services adviser from a phone company.

”It was a brief call and I did not give any of my details,” She said.
She immediately contacted the phone company, her mobile provider, to report that she suspected that there was an ongoing attempted fraud on his number.

Despite not giving out her details, and reporting the issue to her phone provider, she completely lost access to her number and only getting back control after some three days. She never knew how her mobile secret pin had been generated within just a small period of time.

She had been having some 200k balance in her Mpesa and when getting back access to her mobile number, her balcnce read zero. She tried to contact the mobile provider for some assistance but bad luck was on her side for they tried everything to recover the cash but nothing came close to that.

She reported the fraud to the Criminal investigation department since that was her only money she had been planning to develop her business but she got no help at that particular time.

The police said they had been into serious investigation to recover her cash but really she was restless keeping in mind ksh 200,000 was such some huge amount. She completely lost hope of
how to recover the cash the unit responsible for the work were really doing it in a slow manner.

Some even wanted some bribe to ensure the investigation was more quick. She had no money to bribe anyone at that particular time.Three weeks passed and really there was no serious
progress on recovering the cash.

The condition made her sink to serious depression and stress.
At that particular time she had to even shut down her business for really she was not in the mood to run it anymore at this time someone swapped her 200k shillings from her Mpesa account.

After sometimes, she discovered of a native doctor through some articles on his social media channels. His name was Dr Mugwenu. She contacted him and on meeting him return back lost
money spells was casted at her.

After some four days, she was shocked to receive a call asking
for her forgiveness. It was the guy behind her stolen cash//He return the cash as he said the money had been speaking to him and even choking him for a while now.

Miriam was a happy person as she returned her money back. She later reopened her business for now things had been sorted out.

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