I felt beautiful for sometimes, only to be called a hippo-Kenyan woman narrates



A Kenyan lady took time on social media to condemn a netizens for body shaming her by calling her a hippopotamus.

After she applauded her facebook profile picture, hilarious netizens rushed on her account commentary section to criticize her body shape type.

She said it was not the first time she was a victim of body shaming as people had been used to it for a long time now. She said this did not let it ruin her confidence keeping in mind the kind of job she was doing she needed much confidence to safeguard it each particular day.

She said she would wake up in the morning feeling beautiful and full of confidence, only for the malicious social media users to come and spoil her mood most of the times. She said it was sad that such negative people still existed in the society.

Truly she was huge with a body that she said she had been living with since she was born. Due to her body, she would not even dare board a matatu to work as people would stare at her or at some point she would be called names that really would break her heart.

No man wanted to be close to her for they really did not see her as an attractive lady as the other sized ladies appeared.

At some point people would tell her that if she was to enter a swimming pool all the water would come out of the swimming pool. Others would even tell her she would never have a husband as she was too huge.

Walking was even a problem as she said. Despite all this she had a good job and so money had not been a problem to her. She would not spend much time in public places as people would use that time to call her all kind of names really aimed at body shamming her most of the times.

She opted to remain indoors as that was the only way he would shut down toxic people. sometimes he came through a native doctor and a traditional herbalist Dr Mugwenu.

This was after visiting a certain website and from there she had the herbalist contacts and called him. She was subjected to herbal medications that were really meant to ensure she had an adorable shape and body appearance.

Dr Mugwenu had his herbal oils to her which she would smear at his body as lotion each particular day. After three weeks of successful following the procedure, she had really started seeing the had been looking like a 20 year old lady despite being 35 years old.

Everyone especially men wanted to be close to her as she looked more pleasant and beautiful. Everywoman would ask her secret to her desirable shape. Each time she posted her photo/comments complementing her beauty really outweighed her friends on social media.

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