I was forced to turn into prostitution after I was sacked a lady narrates her bitter experience


She had been employed as a technician in one of a nongovernmental organizations in Nairobi.

The mother of two said her sacking was unexpected as she one day came to her desk only to meet her services termination letter. She had never been into wrangles with her boss or at
some point failed to meet her daily tasks.

This found her unknowingly keeping in mind it was
just the beginning of a new month. She was a single mother since her husband had passed some three years back.

She was so much stressed on how she would pay her children school fees, pay her rent and other needy wants that required money. She never disclosed this to her parents but kept it a secret. She tried doing several businesses with the little money she had saved but none really brought some good money and so she decided to venture into prostitution in Nairobi.

She said she would go with an average of five men per night and she would make close to ksh 12000 per night. At times if the man appeared to have more money I would organize on how to robe him
all the cash.

As she narrated, she did the business for sometimes and she was getting more and enough money to pay his debts rent and school fees for her children.

She never liked the job but she had no option since the small businesses she had been tried failed. It was really a dirty job as
other times she was a victim of abusive clients who even would walk out without paying her despite her services. Some would even dare to kill her holding guns to her face as she said.

She never thought of quitting the job anytime soon as that was what she depended as a way of daily bread. Her children kept asking her why she never slept with them during night hours but
she had to lie she had been assigned some security job at night which was a lie.

Still at her prostitution job, she was told about this native Dr Mugwenu who would ensure she got a decent job and a better one rather than varnishing in prostitution.

A friend of hers shared Dr Mugwenu call numbers and that was how he met him. Job spells were casted to her life and in a span of three weeks she got a job and now with a governmental body in Nairobi. It was a well paying job than even her first one. Her lifestyle changed plus her dignity as Dr Mugwenu had ended her woes.

She is now three months old in her new job and really she feels Dr Mugwenu is a man of good deeds as she said.

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