Kenyans React After Nominated Senator  Milicent Omanga Posted This Photos of Her Graduation 


Kenyans have reacted after nominated Senator Millicent Omanga posted this in her Facebook page.

Through Facebook  page Omanga posted a photo her graduation.
She wrote “Mara Omangare hajasoma…mara hananga degree…My friend izo ni story tu 🔥. #MamaMiradi,”
Omanga is a staunch supporter of the deputy president William Samoi Ruto’s presidential bid come 2022.
But his bid has been rubbished by the dynasties led by COTU secretary general Francis Atwoli and Jubilee party vice chairman David Murathe who has termed him as corrupt and cannot be trusted with the country’s leadership.
Jet post recieved mixed reactions here are some of their comments.
Paul Gitau wrote “Having a degree nowdays is not a big achievement as such. It’s just completing the curriculum. Today is not the time when one would say he is a graduate when introducing himself to scare others. A good number of unemployed youths have it. What one does with the qualification from that degree is really what matters,”
The interrogator says “We shall know them by their actions. Words that come from your lips dictate that your degree is wanting.(probably from kawangware university).I remeber when you faced a discplinary  panel at Jubilee hq,you couldn’t even spell your name,”
Erick Lepaso says “Which college or rather university is that, we need to contact your academic register. They must payback half of your school fee. How can you skip communication skills a very common unit,”
Christopher says “Degree ukiwa shosh is not degree,you won’t even sit down and write a proposal leave alone 50pages research project…those degrees are just to satisfy employees not deserved degrees.. Senator Millicent Omanga just know that ngilu is times above you …she defeated the likes of late Martin shikuku, George anyona and late prof wangari maathai in the 1997 presidential election..only God knows where you were those days,”
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