An emotional story of a Kenyan woman who narrates of how she was abused for not having a child



Monica a 33 year old from Eldoret had been a victim of abuse as she had no kid despite lasting into a marriage for eight years down the line. At some point she was being referred by her friends a zero grazing woman who only ate her husband’s food but never productive enough to have children with him to cement their marriage which was now faced with upheavals of separation.

At some point her husband head been so much tired with her as he turned to be abusive the reason being she had not ability to get a child//She had tried various forms of herbal medication to change the situation but really things had not been working around.

She remembered at some point she had to walk with clothes wrapped on his belly area to distort the public that she had conceived but things were really tough on her side//She also had to visit every kind of hospital to know the problem but she was just told she was not able to get a child as she was barren. Her husband had really paid some huge amounts of money as bride price and she was living in shock as she thought one day her husband would marry another lady would be able to get him children and change his status quo.

Due to this, her husband also wanted to have some affairs with other women and he never hide anything as he did it openly as he wanted her to feel inferior most of the times due the condition she got. Being a prayerful woman she never lost hope in her journey to get a child as she knew one day things would be good on her side. Her husband this at this time would even beat her up for really he hated how she would just eat and bulge each day and yet she was
putting his lineage on a dying radar since she had no child.

Her mum would tell her not to come back at their home since that problem she had gotten from the place she had been married since all her sisters had been married and they all had children with them. She was lucky after she seeked some help from this traditional doctor Mugwenu. Dr Mugwenu had spells to her and gave her some herbal roots which would return her fertility back. This was after she was advised by her long time friend to give this herbalist a trial. A week did not end as she tested positive for pregnancy just after the tour at Dr Mugwenu

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